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What Is The Real Definition Of A Sugar Daddy? - Versions 1.5:

Before you begin reading below even though this section is directed at the men visiting here, women should read this as well. And guys, it doesn't just define things, it describes some of the relationship, what may be, and is in most cases is expected of you. And for both men and women if you pay any kind of atttention at all, there is some good advice offered in it. I want you to be informed, especially if you are new to all this.

The general public has been mislead to believe that 1.) A Sugar Daddy is strictly an older, usually rich man who lavishes gifts on young women in return for their favors and company. It is also stated 2.) A Sugar Daddy is a wealthy, usually older man who gives money and or expensive gifts to a young person, usually a woman, in return for sexual favors and or companionship.

These are the common definitions of what a Sugar Daddy is according to on and off-line dictionaries and summaries found elsewhere. They are misleading to a degree and most women completely overlook a key word found in most definitions! Please note the word " Usually! " Usually means normally, it does not mean " Always! " Which leads me to the next part of the real definition of what a Sugar Daddy is. This is more an article acting as a defination to fully clarify matters and so the real truth is told and known. Because lets face it, other web sites, unlike Serious Sugar Daddies try and sell you a dream, a fantasy, and never offer the direct truth.

In reality you can not describe or define the Sugar Lifestyle so easily, nor what a Sugar Daddy actually is and isn't. So this is a one page expanded definition to help clarify matters as mentioned. It also gives a potential Sugar Baby a bit of advice as to what to look for and expect somewhat, and perhaps watch out for when looking for a Daddy. If you are a potential Sugar Daddy it will also let you know if you actually fit the profile, as well as what we look for and expect from men desiring to become members here because this is written by a man who is a Sugar Daddy and knows Many Others himself. This information is by no means definitive or complete, yet it is one of the better definitions and explainations you will find online. We, and our members share much more information inside the site concerning the Lifestyle and other related topics.

As I stated in the Definition / Explaination of a Sugar Daddy One things is certain, common defintions make it all seem a bit trashy which is not " normally " the case by any means. There is nothing wrong with two people seeking each other out and developing a relationship that is defined by an arrangement that meets each other needs. In fact in this day and age it may be the best way for two people, both we certain needs, to have these met without being tied down in an actual relationship. It also helps them find the companionship they both desire. Also there is the fact this type of relationship can be not only be rewarding, but is also a caring relationship in many cases. Sure lust may play into it, as well as financial need or desire, yet there should be chemsitry and mutual respect in a good Sugar Realtionship. So yes, sex, even romance, sometimes real emotions play into the arrangement / relationship, so when you get down to it doesn't it on some level sound basically like a traditional relationship even though it isn't? I guess on some level it is, with a twist of course. In most cases it comes without the strings and commitment that define normal relationship boundaries. And given how hard it can be to meet people these days, as well as many Sugar Daddies and even Sugar Babies just not having the time to develop, or commit to an actual relationship due work or career, for some, mainly the women, even school, children, perhaps a family, this or a person may be in a unsatisfying or unhappy relationship this all makes sense. So the Sugar Lifestyle just works in todays society on a level as never before seen, and lets add even needed. In so many ways it just makes sense and could even lead to a more serious relationship given time. But please, do expect any arrangement to get serious, and it should always be as drama free as possible because a Sugar Daddy isn't seeking any drama being added to his life. Nor stress!

Ladies, especially younger ones need to read this part carefully. I see far to many women be allowed to join web sites because they are in desperate need financially, especially young, very sexy women. I get it, times are hard, but as mentioned a " True Sugar Daddy " is not looking to get into a relationship where he has to pay off your debts or deal with your issues from the beginning as this would be a commitment and also brings drama into his life. A Sugar Daddy isn't looking for a lot of drama as we already know and this type of arrangement is supposed to be as drama free as possible. So ladies, again read carefully, never let a man, especially online know you are in any way desperate for anything, money or otherwise and here is why! It makes you a target, a potential victim of men who will promise you the world and never deliver. They are online looking for desperate younger women they can seduce, have sex with or send them naughty photos, and then toss you aside without ever giving you anything. And if by chance he does give you a " little help " he won't do it before he meets you, and you should never ever ask someone you haven't met in person for money or anything before you have met face to face because it makes you look bad, look like a fake, and at the very least tells him its all about the money to you! Remember, he has never met you, and even the ones who offer you a little help when first meeting if you are desperate, well you have opened the door for him to place pressure on you for sex. And if don't have sex with him, he is gone. A real Sugar Daddy doesn't work this way at all! But once you have been together a while, I am not saying for ages, months or anything like this, he needs to be a man and offering / giving you a little more each month, or each time you see each other until he is meeting the full extent of your arrangement together and sometimes he will go beyond what was agreed to. It just depends on the Daddy. So not all Sugar Daddies are going to start giving you are asking for right at the start of an arrangement and are looking to see if you are either right for him long term, or just going to place pressures on him which he doesn't want. Yet the arrangement should be built on, and more given as the weeks and first couple of months pass. But a good Daddy also knows not to " Low Ball " a Baby, meaning giving her " Far " less then what she needs and or requires.

A Sugar Daddy is looking for a Lady, Friend, and Lover, not a desperate woman, or women of immediate need who will place pressure on him for a bunch of money. He is especially not looking to send a woman he has never met anything and a real Daddy won't ask you for anything before meeting either. Plain and simple. Sorry to the guys out there if I blew your game, but women are Goddesses and should be treated as such. And there are just to many bad people, men and women, and some of you men might actually be conned by someone asking for money now, which is also why I wrote the above, for you men, as well as women.

A Sugar Daddy is not always an older man, though normally they are successful men over the age of 30, some may be seeking women their own age or older. At the time of this writing I am 45, and would consider an older, meaning older then I am, if she is sexy, well kept older woman as a lover without hesitation. But most Daddies are seeking women far younger then they are to be clear. Yet they are not always after a much younger woman. He does not have to be rich or extremely well off though this is more often the case then not. A true Sugar Daddy is " any man that provides for a woman's needs " in return for her companionship and friendship and " usually " some form of Intimacy is also offered and expected bewteen the two as a part of the arrangement. Sugar Daddies, just like their Babies come in all shapes and sizes, also varying looks. They come from many walks of life and professions, even educational backgrounds. One thing they all share in common is they have extra disposable income they are willing to share by entering into some form of arrangement with the right lady in return for her companionship.

An Arrangement is short for " Mutually Beneficial Relationship " between two people. Not everyone defines " Mutually Beneficial " the same way yet for the most part, and in most every instance it should be taken in its literial, and most well know form, so perhaps " Friends with Benefits " is a better term since this is what most people actually mean when discussing male / female relations where the term " Mutually Beneficial Relationship " is used. This is what most Sugar Daddies are looking for when seeking a woman for such an Arrangement. Lets also be clear about something, the terms " Mutually Beneficial Relationship " or " Friends with Benefits " may imply " Mutually Exclusive " when disucssing the arrangement / relationship of a Sugar Couple though it is not uncommon for a man to desire and seek out more then one woman who fits the profile of a Sugar Baby even though this should be frowned upon and discouraged for sexual safety reasons; and given the implied sexual nature the relationship. On the plus side most men seeking out this type of arrangement / relationship are only looking for one woman to enter into this type of relationship with, especially married men.

A Sugar Daddy doesn't have to be rich yet he does need to have a far amount of disposable income to take care of his lady as agreed to whether he is rich or not. He is usually seeking a " No Strings Attached Relationship " which translates to NSA, that is both drama free and without the hassels and burdens of a traditional relationship. Though by tradition what may start off as a NSA relationship initially, there are cases where a person may be open to a more serious commitment which could even lead to possible marriage. So what begins as a NSA relationship " could " develop into something more. Though this is considered rare it has certainly has happened more then a few times in history, and we all know " The Mistress Has Become The Wife "; more times perhaps then it should have. Most Sugar Daddies are simply looking for a low to no commitment, hassel free, no drama relationship with a woman who is more or less expected to act as a girlfriend / wife / Mistress with all the benefits. If he is married he is most likely looking for a woman that can become his Mistress. Whatever the case they are looking for a " Low To No Pressure " arrangement and situation without the drama, commitment, or expectations found in a normal, traditional relationship. Many will be seeking at least a somewhat if not a totally Discreet Arrangement, so a Sugar Baby needs to understand what the word Discretion means! In reality many of these arrangements / relationships are actually very caring, even nuturing to some degree and very much like any other relationship. Again, in reality it truly is a relationship, just one that is defined by an arramgement. It is not as binding or restricting, and without the hassles that come from being in a committed, traditonal relationship in order to meet each others needs.

Unless a Sugar Daddy is " Very Old ", or completely desperate for the attentions of a woman which is rare, especially online, a level of Intimacy is expected in return for what he offers and provides for you. Intimacy is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: 1.) the state of being intimate : familiarity 2.) something of a personal or private nature. Please allow me to define this even further so you understand as it relates to a Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby arrangement or relationship. Intimacy is a shared experience and can include more then one person, but in the common, strictest sense it is shared between two people. In this case a man and a woman. It is true that most all men in the Sugar Daddy category, or any category for that matter, are seeking someone that understands this fact and is willing to provide a certain level of Physical intimacy to them as a part of the arrangement / relationship with the Lady he desires to Provide for. For The Most Part Physical intimacy should also be Interpreted as Sexual intimacy between consenting adults who have developed chemistry and entered into a mutually benefical relationship and not before, yet hey, sometimes things happen. Further more it is not always a mutually exclusive relationship and this is something a Sugar Couple needs to discuss before moving forward. Is if being exclusive on some level is part of the arrangement / relationship?

A True Sugar Daddy and any real man should never expect or demand Physical or Sexual intimacy on a first or even second date. He really shouldn't expect anything more then casual physical contact such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing and things of this nature until he has proven he is both capable and willing to assist the woman he desires. So he needs to walk the walk and not just talk the talk as they say if he expects to reap the more sensual rewards expected in such a relationship. He does not just pump and dump a woman but he is seeking a woman who can meet his needs in the bedroom. So yes, he is looking for as they a Lady in the Streets and a Freak between the sheets. His fantasy playmate if you will, as well someone to connect with outside the bedroom.

Many, though not all Women, " Most Especially Younger Women " think that a Real Sugar Daddy will give them anything and everything they want whenever you ask him just because they are pretty and friendly and will hang on his arm - " Arm Candy " - To think you will honestly be spoiled and indulged all the time just because you are beautiful and flirty with someone is, well nonsense, it is wishful thinking and for the most part only found in books, fairy tales, the movies and television. Sure it can happen if you find a man who rarely gets a date or has sex, or perhaps he doesn't possess the necessary social skills enabling them to meet and keep a woman. This is hardly ever the case as most affluent men have no problems finding dates, mates, or sexual partners. Besides as I basically said, except in extremely rare cases will any sane man you would want to be with be willing give you whatever you want in order to just have you around as arm candy / pretty girl flirting with him without expecting anything else of you. Use some common sense ladies! Besides you are totally missing the concept of this type of relationship and simply thinking that just because you are pretty men will give you whatever you want and expect nothing more then friendship is pretty much just naive of you, and a little insane. On so many levels this is not only self centered and vain, it is insane and even selfish, and it does not fit the lifestyle concept! If someone does just give you things because you are pretty then you may have just met a possible stalker later on, or perhaps worse! And you can be certain he wants more then he is letting on in most every instance! You are just inviting trouble and have no one to blame except yourself should something go wrong later. Remember what I said because it could not be more true! " Unless a Sugar Daddy is " Very Old ", or completely desperate for the attentions of a woman which is rare in this life style, he is not just going to give you whatever you want or have you making demands of him. Hello this is not what he is looking for or else he'd be in a traditional relationship. In fact some men are already in a relationship, even married and are looking for a distraction from the one they are already in. These men are tired of over demanding, inattentive wives or girlfriends who expect everything they want which is why they seek out an arrangement like this.

Please note, not all men, or even women possess the necessary social skills needed to meet others which is why they seek someone out online. There is nothing wrong with this. Not all of them are going to turn out to be stalkers as I made it out to sound above. Some of these men are just shy, others may have been sheltered or have never really gotten out enough to develop the needed social skills to met others. No offense to anyone but some may even be Geek Types who have done well for themselves, and Geeks can be sexy in their own funny way if you take the time to get know them. I am Half Geek myself, just much more out going then most. One thing is for certain, if you can help someone who is socially ackward to come out of their shell and develop new a sense of self and social skills you will be well reward in most cases. And not saying all, but many may actually fall head over heals for you in the process so be warned and as well be aware of what you may of found in this type of person. Someone real and totally devoted in most cases. This can be a good thing as over all, and in most cases, they make very good, and even loving Sugar Daddies who could turn out to be a keeper if you play your cards right. Just be warned about the chances of a socially ackward person falling in love with you is increased in more cases then a regular guy / Sugar Daddy who falls for his Sugar Lady. In the bedroom don't be afraid to show him the way, but do so in way that allows him to feel like he is the one in control and gently guide him to becoming a better lover. You''ll be amazed most times at the results! So not all Sugar Daddies are the run of the Mill Playboy type or Jet Setters, some are average guys who have done well in life, and others are the shy, Geek type. It is not the personality of a man that defines a Sugar Daddy, it is his actions, and how he talks to you, as well as how he takes care of his Lady that defines a Sugar Daddy as well as the man. Not to mention that it also defines, and is the diference between a real man and a boy, as well as the players.

Taking everything above into account, a Real Sugar Daddy can and should be expected to assist you with your financial needs " within reason of course "; and sometimes over an above them. These financial needs " can include some or all of these things " such as up keep concerning physical appearance " including shopping, fitness and more", also rent and general living expenses. Some women are looking for help concerning the expenses that come with getting an education such as tuition, living expenses, expenses concerning school, and more.

If he is seeking a longer term arrangement he should make sure she has extra money to set aside for a rainy day fund as well as for other expenses and needs for when he is not around. A Real Sugar Daddy understands that this is the case and that his Sugar Baby will have certain material needs he must provide for as a part of the arrangement / relationship you enter into together. Of course a good Sugar Daddy also knows when to spoil his Lady when she has been extra good, and he should shower her with presents and gifts because she has not so much earned them, but because she deserves them for being everything he needs and desires. And of course for helping him ease the stress and drama of his everyday life.

There are certainly times a Sugar Daddy may expect himself to become a friend and mentor as well as lover especially when dealing with women of a younger age. Most all women seeking out this life style are looking for at the very least fun and excitement, perhaps out of the norm, and some are also looking for a mentor of some sort. Even Guidance in a Variety of Situations and Areas of their lives which can include business. Not to mention they want to share experiences with a Sugar Daddy that they may not normally get to on their own. A Good Sugar Daddy knows that a Sugar Baby is sometimes a woman looking to travel and broaden her horizons by going out and doing things with her Sugar Daddy she may never get to experience otherwise or may love to do already but can't afford to on her own as often as she'd like. Though not always the case, in essense a True Sugar Daddy has something to actually share with a women more then just financially. He needs to be able to connect intellectually as well. He should have real life experience that he is able to share, and he should also not just be looking for a woman to become his real life sex toy who he expects to hop into his bed whenever he says so though some will seek out this type of woman and I get it. Though somewhat, yet not a completely rare breed are men who may desire a woman who will be there at his beck and call and available as needed, and if this is the case he needs to be able to provide completely for all his Sugar Babies expenses on a level that goes beyond the norm so that she has enough set aside in order to take care of herself for a while should the arrangement / relationship end suddenly. Not to mention the fact that if he desires you to be at his beck and call 24/7 he needs to understand there is no way you can, or should be expected to without his complete support. Then of course a Good Sugar Daddy already knows this.

Physical and Sexual intimacy is most certainly high on the list of what a Sugar Daddy is looking for and expects. Yet he should never offer a woman money or gifts simply in exchange for this because this is what escort services and prositutes are for right? A Real Sugar Daddy knows what he has in a good Sugar Baby, and he will treat her with the utmost respect as she should him!

Furthermore a Sugar Daddy is not a man looking for a single weekend of fun or a one night stand with a woman, or even string of women that he makes offers or promises to in return for it. He is someone actually looking to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that under normal circumstances lasts at least several months or could even lasts for many years. Again, as mentioned they may also be seeking out the right woman that in time where the emotional bond is open to becoming serious and committed and could even lead to marriage. As I have mentioned above not all Sugar Relationships remain as such and can evolve into something much more committed and a this aspect needs to be clearly defined from the start.

So here is what we have, in its strictest and truest sense. A Sugar Daddy is someone seeking a mutually beneficial relationship that almost always includes Companionship, Friendship, as well as Physical and Sexual intimacy in return for assisting a woman financially and or with gifts. In many case he desires this Arrangement to remain Discreet! He needs to be able to connect intellectually and as a friend and even mentor along with the other things we have mentioned. He is seeking a low pressure, no drama and hassel free relationship that in most cases last several months or more though not always the case. The arrangement / relationship may not always be exclusive since it is considered a NSA relationship in many instances. Sometimes a Sugar Daddy desires an arrangement with a woman so that as needed he has an occassional dinner or travel companion with all the benefits of having taken his wife or serious girlfriend. He may also seek out someone for the occassional romantic liason where the two see each other on a regular basis and have a set arrangement. Though more rare a Sugar Daddy may also be seeking a partner for a live in situation or a woman who can be there for him as needed " whenever " required. Most are not looking for a commitment or true love and are simply desiring a non tradional relationship that meets both his needs and yours.

This sums up to a degree, as well as defines what a Real Sugar Daddy is and isn't. If you are a man reading this and can not fulfill most of these requirements then you are not a Sugar Daddy, you do not fit the profile. If you are a woman reading this then you should now understand that 99.99 percent of these men are not just looking for a pretty face, arm candy, or simply a friend! Man or Woman, having the read the above you now have a better understanding of a Sugar Daddy and even the relationship parameters. Do you, as a man or woman have what it takes to enter into this Lifestyle and understand the expectations on your part? Please, you really should read our Definition of a Sugar Baby and also our Definition of the Sugar Lifestyle and Relationship before you decide to try and become a member of our Exclusive Social Network. It isn't required, but information you can use and we are here to help you learn, grow, and help you make real connections. And a good understanding of this Life Style is key to doing so. Keep it in mind. See you on the inside!

Be Well,
John AKA: TheMasterRogue

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